Innowah Orientation Workshop - Coimbatore


Aug 11 , 2017

“innoWAH”, the Innovation Challenge Competition of PALS 2017-18, began its current innings on 7th August, 2017, with the release of relevant documents to its Partner Institutes (PIs). The First Stage of the yearlong competition begins with “innoWAH Orientation Workshops” to be held in Chennai, Trichy and Coimbatore. The workshop in Coimbatore was attended by 20 students and 5 faculty members each,  from 8 PIs - Adithya Institute of Technology, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Kumaraguru College of Technology and RVS College of Engineering from Coimbatore, plus KSR College of Engineering, KSR College of Engineering and Technology, KSR Institute of Engineering and Technology from Tiruchengode. The event was held from 2pm to 5pm at Adithya Institute of Technology – it was originally planned at a common venue, but had to be changed due to last minute contingency. PALS Team thanks the management of Adithya Institute of Technology for its support in this regard.

The workshop essentially had 3 sessions – On “Innovation” and “Idea Generation”; About the innoWAH Competition; Q&A, individual interactions etc. The workshop was conducted by R Krishnamurti Rao, Head innoWAH, along with other PALS Core Team members.

The session on “Innovation” and “Idea Generation was an interactive session which lasted for 90 minutes. The definition of “Innovation” was explained in detail with many examples in a manner that was easily understood by the audience. During the process, many innovative ideas were discussed and clues to many more ideas emerged which could be used to generate more ideas offline. The importance of defining the problems in more effective ways (“thinking out of the box”) was also stressed. The session was made lively with few videos being screened which reinforced the messages.  The purpose of this session was to educate the students on the concepts of innovation and to help them to get appropriate ideas.

The session on “About the innoWAH Competition” covered the various aspects of the competition in detail. The format of the competition, the indicative dates of key events, the important rules etc were covered in this session.

The Q&A sessions gave the audience an opportunity to raise questions on the competition, which were answered. During the tea break and beyond, many questions were raised by smaller groups. The documents pertaining to the second session have been shared with the PIs; the students can get them from the respective EC Members or innoWAH Coordinators.

Videos pertaining to the last year’s innoWAH final competition were shown to the audience during the break etc. This included the presentation from the last year’s prize winning teams.



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