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The Legend of Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was considered an eccentric at times , sometimes a genius. The truth perhaps lay in between. Supremely gifted, this singer, actor, comedian, satirist, film and music director -the Incomparable Kishore Kumar was without a parallel in Indian cinema


Oct 27 , 2018

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An evening with Saindhavi

She is one of the most distinctive and accomplished artist of her generation, known for her exceptional vocalism and stage presence. A successful playback singer with a classical background, she has carved a niche for herself in the music world,  transcending genres – film, classical, devotional and languages, with more than 2000 songs

Saindhavi and her husband, actor & music director  G V Prakash have collaborated for many a chartbuster

Come join as we bring to you Saindhavi in conversation with Vaishnavi Jayaraman


Sep 28 , 2018

Hon'ble Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar on 'The Power of Ideas'

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A new platform for research scholars

The IIT Alumni Center, has come up with a new venture — Touchstone more

Oct 12 , 2016

A fleet of small automated vehicles, each seating two people, travelling on overhead guideways, using clean energy, linking many stations scattered around an urban area  in a  3D network

Sounds like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie? Not really ! 



On Demand, Personalized, Non Stop, Driverless, Airconditioned Travel


Sep 14 , 2018

Come Listen to, and interact with this unusually gifted musician. He will take us through elements of Jazz and its various genres , including adaptations in India popular music, as he sings, speaks and plays the Saxaphone.

The event is followed by dinner. 


Aug 25 , 2018

The August edition will be held on August 01, Wednesday, 2018.


Aug 01 , 2018

Are you a business brainiac with impeccable knowledge about entrepreneurs and have a flair for discerning brands? Here is the perfect platform, exclusively for you to unleash your unerring intelligence.

A quiz themes on Business, Entrepreneurs and Brands followed by Dinner.

A total of 35 members participated in this quiz event.


Jul 21 , 2018